Lüttje Lage Tray

Luettje Lage Metertray

Luettje Lage Metertray

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Present the Hanover National drink with style

the very traditional and typical Lüttje Lage Meter-Tray to present your Luettje Lage.

new_klGet the new short version of the Metertray as Half-a-Meter Tray to transport and present 5 Luettje Lage with style. - the one stop shop for all the accessories for the "National Drink" of Hannover.

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Lüttje Lage Metertray (incl. Glass-Sets)

The typical Lüttje Lage Meter Tray with Glass-Sets to present your drinks in style. The original Lüttje Lage Meter Tray - a must have !

89.90 € *
Delivery weight: 10 kg

Meter Tray for Lüttje Lage traditional w/o Glass-Sets

The Lüttje Lage Meter Tray for presenting Lüttje Lage in style. The typical hanoverian Meter Tray is without the glasses and available here !

29.90 € *
Delivery weight: 5 kg

Lüttje Lage tray 1/2 meter (w/o Glass-Sets)

Lüttje Lage half-a-meter tray is without glasses. This short version of the Lüttje Lage Metertray is for the Houseparty and raises a smile with everyone.

22.90 € *
Delivery weight: 5 kg

Lüttje Lage half-a-meter tray (incl. Glass-Sets)

The short Lüttje Lage half-a-meter Tray with 5 Glass-sets certainly is an eye-catcher. This modern version of the classic meter tray is the unique gift.

49.90 € *
Delivery weight: 10 kg

Lüttje Lage Bibs

Lüttje Lage Bib
order along with your Lüttje Lage Set
- for all productdetails click on picture -

0.20 € *
Delivery weight: 10 g

New Lüttje Lage Bibs with individual design (for companies)

Lüttje Lage Bib in your own design order along with your Lüttje Lage Set
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This is a reference page for Lüttje Lage bibs. Please contact us, if you'd like to have your Lüttje Lage bibs in your own design.

It is available (unfortunately only on display this way  ;-)  )
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Delivery weight: 10 g
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