How to drink Lüttje Lage

How to drink Lüttje Lage, the ultimate tutorial

How to drink Lüttje Lage, the ultimate tutorial

The ultimate Lüttje Lage Tutorial.

Become a master on "how to drink Lüttje Lage" ! You always wondered how to drink Lüttje Lage without spilling?

You always wanted to drink the traditional party drink of Hanover, without becoming a laughing stock? Now you will be able to master the Art of Lüttje Lage Drinking, with these five easy steps

(Download this tutorial at the bottom of this page in Deutsch, på dansk, in nederlands, eesti, in english, en español, en français, in italiano, i norsk, w języku polskim, em português, в России, na srpskom, i svenska, 日本語で, 中国, بالعربية, ):

How to drink Luettje Lage - Step 1: Glass held with one fingerwidth of space to the top of the Glass


When you pour the liquid observe the measuring line. Do not pour too much liquid into the glasses (especially the Schnappsglass) otherwise you will spill the drink.

  • Take the beerglass into you hand and put all fingers to the glass.

Important: leave about a fingerwidth of space to the top of the glass (this will work no matter how big or small your fingers are).

How to drink Luettje Lage - Step 2:  Glass with the middle Finger pushed out to put in the Schnappsglass

  • Push your middle finger out - all other fingers remain attached to the glass !

(Persons with really small/slim fingers may push both the middle and the ring finger forward. The following remarks to the ringfinger then apply to the little/pinkie finger)

How to drink Luettje Lage - Step 3:  adjust the Schnappsglas to be approx 5 mm above the Beerglass

  • Put the Schnapps-/Shotglass between your middle and your Ringfinger.

The Ringfinger is between the two glasses and rests on top of the foot of the Schnappsglass - Now adjust the Shotglass for it to be about 5 mm above the Beerglass.

How to drink Luettje Lage - Step 4:  Schnappsglass slightly tilted and touching the rim of the Beerglass

  • Use your Ringfinger to push the stem of the Schnappsglass so that the top touches the Beerglass!

(Important: the two glasses must touch so that the Schnaps can flow from the Shotglass into the Beerglass)

Now: Stand Tall  (Important: do not lean forward in fear of spilling the drink) !



Now Drink:

  • drink exactly opposite the Shotglass, allowing the Schnaps to flow directly into the beerglass)
  • speedy, but not hastily!
  • Head held high and when you drink look into the sky / to the ceiling.

Important: do not tilt the glasses (like drinking beer or wine) but knock your head back.     


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Tutorial in many languages

How to drink Lüttje Lage - Download your printable tutorial below in various languages - in alphabetical order.

Lüttje Lage  تعليماتباللغة العربية - instructions in arabic (.pdf - 2,9 MB) شكرا
Lüttje Lag中国- in chinese (.pdf - 2,9 MB) 谢谢, Bailan und Elias !
Lüttje Lage tutorial på dansk - in danish (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Mange tak, Mikkel !
Lüttje Lage aanwijzing in nederlands - in dutch (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Dank u well, Kirsten !
Lüttje Lage tutorial in english (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Thank you, Tom !
Lüttje Lage Anleitung juhised Eesti - in estonian (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Aitäh, Valdo !
Lüttje Lage Instructions en français - in french (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Merci beaucoup, Renata !
Lüttje Lage Anleitung auf deutsch - in german (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Vielen Dank, Thorald !
Lüttje Lage instruzzioni in italiano - in italian (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Mille Gracie, Michele !
Lüttje Lage  日本語で - in japanese (.pdf - 2,9 MB) 感謝, Mizuho !
Lüttje Lage beskrivelse i norsk - in norwegian (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Tusen takk, Rolf !
Lüttje Lage Instrukcja w języku polskim - in polish (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Dziękuję Ci bardzo !
Lüttje Lage instruções em português - in portuguese (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Muito obrigado, Martin !
Lüttje Lage Инструкция на русском языке - in russian (.pdf - 2,9 MB) большое спасибо, Gennadij !
Lüttje Lage Uputstvo na srpskom - in serbian  (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Hvala, Jelena !
Lüttje Lage instrucciones en español - in spanish (.pdf - 2,9 MB) ¡Muchas gracias! Ina !
Lüttje Lage instruktioner i svenska - in swedish (.pdf - 2,9 MB) Tack så mycket, Maria Christina !
Lüttje Lage Instructions in greek, turkish, finish and latvian are being currently translated.  

Looking for above instructions translated preferably by native speakers into any missing language you care to provide. scandinavian, baltic, eastern european, asian, african.
Thank you for your eMail !


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