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Lüttje Lage - the Hanover "Cult Drink" with Beer and Schnapps



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  • Lüttje Lage Sets - Our very own Sets include the original thick walled Lüttje Lage Glasses and Lüttje Lage Beer sourced directly from the local Breweries in Hannover together with the original Hardenberger Schnapps. These Sets are available in this online shop here - and all new:
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  • Stylish Meter Trays: With these sets you will get everything you need. Browse the site at your leasure and get Lüttje Lage trays which are exclusively sold on this website. Lüttje Lage Bibs are unnecessary if you observe our Lüttje Lage drinking instruction "how to drink Lüttje Lage". If you follow the instructions closely and you will never again need a bib. Instructions are available in english, french, italian, spanish, portuguese already and in many other languages shortly.
  • Hannover Presents: The Lüttje Lage Giftset or Typical Hannover Boxes (i.e. as a farewell or homesick package) have a typical selection of the cullinary treats of Hannover.
  • Scrumptous Lüttje Lage Chocolate. A chocolate treat awarded GOLD by the International Chocolate Awards in 2014 and 2015 as the "best filled chocolate" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and awarded SILVER at the World Awards in London.

What is Lüttje Lage - History

The Hannover "National drink": you have to thank the Hanover-born Cord Broyhan for his invention. He was the first ever to brew a beer that was not dark but light/pale in color and therefore it was called "whitebeer", and its advantage was that it kept - hence the people in Hannover said that it was "storable" - and German word for "Storage" is "Lager" !!

As this beer had a lot less alcohol than usual so it became customary to drink it alongside a Schnapps/Liquor. This combination of beer and Schnaps is called a "Lüttje Lage" in Hanover. To this day the people of Hanover cling onto this century old tradition. You need two special glasses for it: yone filled with Lüttje Lagen-Beer and one with mildy destilled Schnapps / Wheat liquor (32%). Whenever the people of Hanover have something to celebrate, when Friends meet up, the "Lüttje Lage" is never far away. As it is a small drink and therefore very affordable. This is the drink of choice when you buy in rounds amongst friends There always is fun and conviviality and the people of Hanover take real pride in it.

And its the ultimate drinking game! He who spills a drop has to buy in the next round !!

And it tastes really good - not of Beer or alcohol, but sweet with notes of Malt, slightly toasted and of caramell without any bitterness.

Lüttje Lage. Enjoy!

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Luettje Lage Beginners Set

Lüttje Lagen Beginners Set: practice your skills in secret! Includes everything Luettje Lagen Beer of your choice, Glasses and Schnapps. Lüttje Lage Beginners Set

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Luettje Lage Couple's Set

Luettje Lage Starter-Set for Two - ideal small gift for any occasion or drink yourself. Lüttje Lage Couple's Set. Lüttje Lage for two.

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can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg

3 Shades of Lüttje Lage

"3 Shades of Lüttje Lage " the ultimate Lüttje LageTasting Box with the 3 Lüttje Lage Beers incl. Glasses and Schnapps. Only at LuettjeLage.com !

39.90 *
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can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 4.9 kg

Full Whag Hanover

The Full Whag Hannover BOX - The Hannover Souvenir with everything Lüttje Lage, typical Bisquits, Coffee, Chocolate - The Full whag - available here !

48.90 *
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Hannover Gin Box

The Hanover Gin Box with a bottle of GIN of your choice and typical foodstuffs from Hanover all in one box. New and only available here !

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Delivery weight: 4.8 kg

Luettje Lage Present Box

Lüttje Lage Present Box with 4 Glass-Sets, Beer & Schnapps. For the party fun at home and the perfect gift! Your Lüttje Lage Present Box available here now!

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Schützenfest-Festival-Box with Lüttje Lage, glasses and schnapps, roasted almonds and small gingerbread heart! Only at LuettjeLage.com

32.90 *
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Delivery weight: 2.9 kg
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