Beer Gifts

Beer gifts and presents for men

Beer gifts and presents for men

What gifts do men like? Are you on the lookout for a beer gift for men? We have a Selection of giftsets and giftboxes. Everything suitable for a gift to present at a BBQ party, as a birthday present or as a gift for someone who has everything. ** Please be aware that all slogans on the sets are available in german only **

Our Ideas: Mens gifts "BBQ Boss" or "Who needs vegetables anyway" are the ideal gift host gift for the BBQ Party.

The funny giftset for men "Men have feelings too - thurst for example" or the "Call it a day Beer" giftidea are the always suitable gift for a man, a husband, a friend, a father or the colleague, etc.

The beer giftset combines a bottle of award winning beer with a matching beerglas. Printed on the bottle label as well as the beerglas itself is the respective slogan. A small bag of delicious pretzels is also included.

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