How to drink Luettje Lage?

Lüttje Lage drinking tutorial

Become a master on drinking Lüttje Lage. Now you will be able to master the Art of Lüttje Lage Drinking, with these easy steps:

  1. First, hold beer glass and use all five finger for it.
  2. Important: leave about a finger's width of space to the top of the beer glass.
  3. Now just push the middle finger forward. All other fingers remain attached to the glass.
  4. Place the shot glass between in the gap between your index finger, middle finger and ring finger.
  5. Use your ringfinger to push the stem of the schnappsglass so that the top touches the beerglass!
  6. Align the shot glass so that it is about 5 millimeters above the beer glass.
  7. Now for the most important part: stand tall and drink:
    • exactly opposite the shotglass        
    • speedy, but not hastily !
    • drink in one go !
    • with head held high and when you drink look into the sky / to the ceiling
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    Korrekte Trinkhaltung für die Lüttje Lage