Lüttje Lage tray 1/2 meter (w/o Glass-Sets)

Lüttje Lage tray 1/2 meter (w/o Glass-Sets)

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Get the stylish Lüttje Lage 1/2 Metertray available without Glass-Sets

  • 1 Lüttje Lage half-a-meter tray without Glasses.

If you require the Glasses as well, why not use our offer Metertray (with Glass-Sets)


This is the unique shorter version of the Metertray and carries 5 Beer and 5 Shot glasses. The cut-outs can take the solid thick-walled glasses (which can be purchased on this website as well) but also the broader thin-walled glasses. Older glas-generations as well as the current glasses can be transported safely and in style with this special tray.

"Metertray" is a typical term for this special transportation and presentation of the Lüttje Lage Drink. It consists of a wooden plank (actually not a meter long) with handles and cut-outs for the glasses.
This is the offer for the 1/2 Metertray without the Glasses. If you require the glasses as well, go to the offer Lüttje Lage Metertray (incl. Glasses).

Please note that this Metertray is of oil-impregnated natural wood. The color and grain will therefore vary.

The measurements of this 1/2 Metertray are: 46 x 17,5 x 2 cm  (18.1 x 6,89 x 0,79 inches)

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