The typical Lüttje Lage Meter Tray with Glass-Sets to present your drinks in style. The original Lüttje Lage Meter Tray - a must have !

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Lüttje Lage Bib
order along with your Lüttje Lage Set
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Lüttje Lagen Refill for a fun-packed evening amongst friends. Get your favourite Lüttje Lage Beer as Lüttje Lage Replenishment. Buy here !

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Lüttje Lage Refill - Sixes
Ideal for the Office Party, at home or your Gardenparty. Stock up with i.e. Gilde Lüttje Lage Beer and Schnapps (without the glasses). Fast delivery!

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Buy Luettje Lage Glasses in a set with one each of Lüttje Lage Beerglass and a Lüttje Lage Schnappsglass. Buy your Luettje Lage Glass-sets here now !

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Luettje Lage Chocolate made with Beer and Schnapps. This unique Hanover Chocolate is really scrumptious! Try Luettje Lage Chocolate now !

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To ensure you the best possible quality, the Lüttje Lage chocolate will only be available again from August.