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Hanover Coffeeset Set

with the new Hannover Mug and great Coffee Hannover Melange all in one Set

  • Bisquits: 1 Box Leibniz Keks 200 gr
  • Coffee: 1 Melange Hanovera Coffee Packet  250 gr
  • Mug: 1 Hannover Mug with engraved Hannover Skyline
  • (optional) Chocolate: 1 Lüttje Lage Chocolate 100 gr (Chocolate meets Beer and Schnapps +8,00 €)

Be the envy of the office with this eye-catching mug and full-bodied coffee. The ideal small gift from Hannover.

NEW Make your Luettje Lage Set unique with you very own banderole with your individual text.

kulinarischer_botschafter_2012The Coffee: 250 gr Hanover Melange roasted in Hanover. A blend of the finest Arabicabeans from Africa and Latinamerica. Each individually roasted and then blended; well-balanced character and full bodied - and not at all bitter. Suitable for Filtered coffee (Coffeemaker/percolator), French press or Espresso Machine. The design of the Packaging may vary.

The Mug: White engraved relief on white porcelain. A very classy Hannover Coffee Mug without any lettering, just a very exclusive Cup with a stylish Silikonpad at the bottom.

The Hannover Skyline is delicately engraved to show the Footballstadium, New City Hall, Kröpcke Clock, Ernst-August Monument, Anzeiger Highrise, Marketchurch with one of the Nanas, Television-Tower (Telemoritz), Raschplatz Flyover with Car-Art and Linden Heat Supply Station.

  • Volume: 0,30 l, height: 105 mm, diameter: 84 mm.
  • Absolutely scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe



    The optional Lüttje Lage chocolate - chocolate meets beer and schnapps!
    Very nice and very tasty - A fresh and great product!


    Both milk- and dark chocolate received awards by the INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE AWARDS:
    GOLD 2014 as "best filled chocolate" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SILVER at the World Awards in London 2014
    GOLD 2015 as the "best filled chocolate" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    This premium chocolate is filled with a ganache of beer and schnapps is available in milk- or dark chocolate.

The size of the box is a handy 31 x 18 x 9 cm and has a total weight of about 1.5 kg.

The Hanover Coffeeset ist a unique present. Be the envy of the office as well as an eye-catcher for any home.

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Our Recommendation: the Coffeetable Book
9.90 € * Notify on availability
Delivery weight: 1.3 kg
Individual Sleeve Design Individual Sleeve Design
Personal sleeve with your Name or text
1.00 € *
Delivery weight: 25 g
Lüttje Lage Chocolate Lüttje Lage Chocolate
How about some award-winning Chocolate to go with it ?
8.40 € *
1000 g = 76.36 €
Delivery weight: 150 g
Full Whag Hanover Full Whag Hanover
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48.90 € * Notify on availability
Delivery weight: 4.8 kg
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