Hanover Coffeeset - Great Coffee and a stylish Hanover Mug with well-known Hannover Sights. Be the envy with your Hanover Coffeeset.

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A culinary discovery voyage of Hannover and is a coffeetable book with picturesque views, portaits and receipes of celebrity chefs from Hannover.

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Sleeve design according to your requirements. Your individual Lüttje Lage set available for the first set. Sleeve design new at luettjelage.com

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Unfortunately, due to a printer error, we are currently unable to offer individual band stickers. Larger quantities of banderoles (e.g. for company-orders) are still available (via external service providers).

Luettje Lage Chocolate made with Beer and Schnapps. This unique Hanover Chocolate is really scrumptious and now in 110 g extra large.

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The Full Whag Hannover BOX - The Hannover Souvenir with everything Lüttje Lage, typical Bisquits, Coffee, Chocolate - The Full whag - available here !

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