Hannover Gin Cask Aged 0,2 l

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1 l = 149.95 €
  • 1 Bottle Hannover Gin Cask Aged 0,2 l, 48% vol. alc.

THE-Gin-MASTERS-Silver-2019Maximum enjoyment - free from everything that disturbs ... from the roof gardens, the balconies, the gardens and landscapes - in the middle of Hannover and the region. Wild plants from the shores of Lake  Maschsee, the meadows of river Leine and from Europe's largest city forest, carefully collected and experienced - ingeniously combined with botanicals from the end of the world. According to a secret recipe and the botanical family knowledge of two generations in the copper distillery in Hanover carefully worked out by hand in small batches. Barrel-aged with a lot of time in hand-picked valuable barrels.

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