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Hannover Absinth - Perfect companion for special moments

  •     1 bottle of Hannover Absinth, 70% vol. alc. (0,2 l)

Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin - they all appreciated the pleasure of the "green fairy", as absinthe is also called thanks to its colour. The aromatic distillate has its origin in the Swiss Val de Travers - where it was first produced as a remedy. In the late 19th and early 20th century, "la fée verte" was particularly popular in French artistic circles.

Traditionally, absinthe is mixed with water and sugar: Simply place a piece of sugar cube on a special spoon - the so-called absinthe spoon - and slowly pour cold water over the sugar until it dissolves.

However, there is no need to "sweeten" this HANNOVER ABSINTH - thanks to the finely tuned combination of selected ingredients, it tastes particularly soft.

Our tip: Try the Absinthe Green Fairy Tale pure and "on the rocks". Put an ice cube in a suitable glass and add 2cl of the "green fairy". Sip, taste and enjoy carefully - the perfect companion for special moments!

This aromatic absinthe by the HANNOVER GIN family is handmade and contains 70 percent alcohol - so it should only be enjoyed in small doses.

We would like to point out that the purchase of alcoholic beverages is not permitted for persons under 18 years of age. This Hannover Absinthe contains 70% vol. alc.

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