luettje lage set amazon

luettje lage set amazon


Where can I buy Lüttje Lage in Hannover?

The national drink of Hanover, Lüttje Lage, is not so easy to find even in Hanover. In fact, it is not even offered in large shops. Yet Hannover's cult drink is a big hit with friends. Lüttje Lage is served at every party, at the Schützenfest Hannover or the Maschseefest and even at district festivals. You won't find Lüttje Lage in specialist drinks shops or wholesalers like Metro Hannover. Likewise, you can't buy Lüttje Lage (any more) in retail outlets like Galeria Kaufhof or Real or other shops.

We have identified aka as the only supplier offering everything to do with Lüttje Lage:, is the place to go in Hanover for Lüttje Lage. Here you can get sets from small to large, Lüttje Lage glasses, and if you already have the glass sets, you can also get just the Bier & Korn replenishment, starting at just one bottle. Lüttje Lage beer is available from all Hanoverian breweries. We haven't found this anywhere else in Hanover. is actually an online shop in the classic sense. That's why we have a partnership with CHOCOLATS-DE-LUXE, in Hanover Hainholz, where you can buy everything to do with Hanover's national drink directly and take it with you. There is easy parking right in front of the shop, a 125-year-old factory building. The U6 stop "Hainhölzer Markt" is also only 200 metres away. Here you can pick up Lüttje Lage or buy Lüttje Lage directly.

Since September 2017, the "Pärchensets" from have also been available at the Hannover Tourist Information at the main station. Since 2019, the couples' sets and gift sets have also been available at the large Edeka centres of Wucherpfennig. These sets are each stocked with Lüttje Lage beer from the Gilde. All other variants are available online here or at in Hanover-Hainholz.

For this, there are the only Lüttje Lage instructions with which drinking this "2-component drink" actually works without spills, if you follow them. The makers of have translated the instructions into many languages. So even if you don't speak the language, Lüttje Lage can be used for international understanding.

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