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Lüttje Lage Crate including 12 Glasssets and sufficiant Gilde Luettje Lage Beer & Schnapps for your next Gardenparty or typical Hanover Cult party

  • 12 Bottles Gilde Luettje Lage Beer, 2,8% alc. (each 0,5 l),
  •   2 Bottles Schnapps (Wheat Liquor / Shot), 32% alc. (each 0,70 l).
  • 12 Sets of Lüttje Lage Glasses (12 Lüttje Lage Beer- und 12 Lüttje Lage Schnappsglasses)

For 120 Lüttje Lagen (observe the measuring line)

Have your next party with the Hannover Nationaldrink "Lüttje Lage". Master the art of drinking Lüttje Lage and have fun at your next Gardenparty or Motto-Party.

You will have everything you need including a step by step Lüttje Lage tutorial for you or your guests. Or practise beforehand to impress your guests.

Present your Lüttje Lage with the traditional Lüttje Lage Tray.


Packed and delivered in a standard beer crate


Lüttje Lage Beer "Best before": Gilde Lüttje Lage Beer "best before" Date
The Lüttje Lage Beer is a traditional top-fermented draught beer with 2,8% vol alc.


Please be advised that it is prohibited by german law to purchase Alcohol under the legal age of 18 as this Lüttje Lage Beginners Set contains Wheat Liquor / Schnapps at 32% vol. alc. If applicable, please also consider the legal age to buy alcohol in your country.

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Lüttje Lage Beer Gilde


Product Note Status Price
Meter Tray for Lüttje Lage traditional w/o Glass-Sets Meter Tray for Lüttje Lage traditional w/o Glass-Sets
Presentation in the proper style: the Lüttje Lage Metertray
29.90 € *
Delivery weight: 5 kg
Lüttje Lage Chocolate Lüttje Lage Chocolate
Surprise your friends with this special chocolate !
8.40 € *
1000 g = 76.36 €
Delivery weight: 150 g
Lüttje Lage Glass Set Lüttje Lage Glass Set
If you require more sets of glasses
6.00 € *
Delivery weight: 0.3 kg
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