The Lüttje Lage Present with a bespoke sleeve as a Company Give-Away at a Fair or as a present at Christmas - click on Photo for Details -


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Sleeve design according to your requirements. Your individual Lüttje Lage set available for the first set. Sleeve design new at

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Unfortunately, due to a printer error, we are currently unable to offer individual band stickers. Larger quantities of banderoles (e.g. for company-orders) are still available (via external service providers).

How to drink Lüttje Lage properly - the tutorial in many languages. Get your tutorial now and learn how to drink Lüttje Lage.

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This is a reference page for Lüttje Lage instructions in 30+ languages.
Click on the link and download the tutorial.

It is available (unfortunately only on display this way  ;-)  )

Lüttje Lage Bib in your own design order along with your Lüttje Lage Set
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This is a reference page for Lüttje Lage bibs. Please contact us, if you'd like to have your Lüttje Lage bibs in your own design.

It is available (unfortunately only on display this way  ;-)  )
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lüttje Lage Chocolate as complimentary gift or Give-Away for clients. Lüttje Lage Chocolate - your new elegant chocolate Gift

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Typical Hanover Box with the best foodstuffs from Hanover: Lütje Lage, leibniz Bisquits, Coffee, Lüttje Lage Chocolate. Indeed typically Hanover.

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Lüttje Lage Presentation at your event. We show and practice with your guests the hannoverian tradition of drinking Lüttje Lage at your event.

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City walking tour of Hanover. The Bruchmeisters are something very special: since the year 1303 they provide law & order in Hanover. Totally interesting & entertaining narrated ✓ Simply the best city tour in Hannover ! 

Whisky Tasting with Chocolate in Hannover. Sample the classic malts of Scotland together with the best chocolates of the world in this unique whisky tasting.