Niemand Dry Gin 0,1 l

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1 l = 199.90 €

1 l = 199.90 €

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Our 100 ml mini bottle is perfect for 2 gin and tonic - with the right tonic to go with the gin.

By the way, it also fits in your hand luggage and is the ideal small present for the gin-friend.

The flowery taste composition of the 10 hand-picked botanicals is significantly influenced by sandalwood and lavender. Rosemary, apple, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla, pine nuts and juniper are further ingredients.

No one invites you on a taste journey through the coniferous forest! The Niemand Dry Gin convinces at first sight with its multi-layered and light and airy character. 10 different botanicals distinguish Niemand, a few components are juniper, lavender and rosemary. Spicy and floral - Niemand is a unique dry gin from a small Hanoverian distillery.

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