Niemand Dry Gin 0,5 l

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1 l = 73.98 €

Niemand deliberately does without the otherwise typical citrus note in the composition of the various botanicals and instead uses spicy floral flavour carriers. The heart of Niemand Dry Gin is characterised by lavender, sandalwood and rosemary. Vanilla, apple and coriander add a touch of freshness and lightness, while cinnamon, ginger and juniper create the spicy side of Hannoverian gin.

A successful combination of the most diverse aromas, which harmonise incredibly well - nobody would have expected that!

The small distillery is located in Hannover. There the Gin is produced in careful handcraft and with some love. The producer duo Torben Paradiek and Sebastian Otto are more than proud. to have finally brought it to the market. They gained their first experience in the field of aroma combinations through the Gin Flight Sets, which also originate from their hands. These contained various botanicals with which their own gin creations could be created.

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