Segway Tours in Hanover

Segway Tours in Hannover.


Discover Hannover from its most beautiful sides ! With our Segway Tours in Hannover you can follow in the footsteps of great Hanoverians through the city or you can discover the many green sides of Hannover off the beaten track.

Whether in a small group, with the department, as a company outing, after the conference or for teambuilding as well as a customer event.
Now you have your chance to ride a Segway yourself!

  • Segway tours are available daily, with fixed dates where you can book in alone or in small groups (see tour calendar), and
  • as an individual event for guests, employees or customers.
  • Give us your information to get the perfect package, tailored for your very special Segway tour or Segway event. We'll answer all inquiries quickly, individually and personally!

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Segway Tour in Hannover:

  • from 1 hour to 3 hours (there are many fixed, beautiful routes that your guests will enjoy!),   
  • Sightseeing tours with explanations about Hannover and its famous inhabitants,   
  • Tour with a lot of driving fun: around the Lake Masch in Hannover, through the Eilenriede forest, through Hannover,   
  • Tour with food included: like Schnitzel, Tapas or Chocolate & wine or whisky included

Segway Tour for groups / companies in and around Hannover

  • Groups (approx. 8+ persons) can book individually: You determine the day and time !
  • You choose either one of our many great Segway tours through Hanover, or
  • as completely individual tours (e.g. from office / conference venue / hotel to restaurant),
  • The size of the group is unlimited and can easily be up to 100 people.
  • lead to corners of Hannover that are hardly known and the points you must have seen.
  • Segway tours within a 100 km radius of Hannover are possible without any problems.


    All tours include:


  • a thorough briefing/training before the tour starts (approx. 30 minutes) !
  • Accompanied by experienced and well trained tour guides,
  • (all tours and instructions multilingual possible, not only in German, also in English, Spanish, etc.),
  • Helmets on request (free of charge, recommended but not compulsory),   
  • Fully comprehensive insurance (optional).

Requirements for Segway driving:

  • Age: minimum 14 years of age
  • Licence: no driving licence required.
  • Weight: A minimum weight of approx. 50 kg or a maximum weight of approx. 120 kg is recommended.
  • Alcohol limit: The same regulation applies as for cars.


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Our recommendations for your Segway Tour in Hannover:

  • SCHOKO-LA-TOUR = TOP (5-star rated) and excellent as an evening event (8-30 persons): 2 hours on the Segway along the royal gardens of Herrenhausen and the green north of Hannover. Afterwards the "evening program" combines tasting of the world's best chocolates together with wine, whisky or rum at Europe's largest retailer of fine chocolate; (briefing + approx. 2 hours tour, afterwards approx. 2.5 hours event); the
  • Tapas tour goes along the Maschsee through the Eilenriede forest and follows the green belt in the south of Hannover. It ends after about 2 hours behind the football/soccer stadium at the "finca restaurant" with a great selection of Spanish tapas. (instruction + tour, about 65.00 € per person incl. tapas and two drinks); our
  • Schnitzel tour takes you from the city centre through green paths, along Leine and Ihme rivers, to Herrenhausen and Georgengarten and ends in rustic gastronomy with (as we think) the "best Schnitzel in Town" (briefing/training + approx. 2 hours tour, approx. 60.00 € per person incl. Schnitzel and 2 drinks).
  • Segway beginner tour around the Maschsee (Lake Masch) - after the briefing/training you'll drive approx. 1 hour around the Maschsee (optional with burger - approx. 45.00 € per person incl. burger).

    The popular Hanover sightseeing tour:

  • Segway city tour, really highly recommended and explains why Hannover is so unique!
    (from. 50.00 € per person - selected as "best sightseeing tour in Hannover" - also as city tour on foot),   
  • The city tour is also available in English (almost "native speaker").
  • Helle Köpfe (bright heads) - the tour to inventions and inventors from Hannover (approx. 70.00 € per person) or
  • Hannover-Royal - to the Hanover-English royal house of Hanover (Georg, Ernst-August & Co.) (approx. 70.00 € per person).


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A few impressions about Segway in Hannover

Segway riding in Hanover. More than 8,000 satisfied passengers a year.
All tours are organized by - the No. 1 Segway Tour Operator in Hannover.

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