Lüttje Lage Bibs with individual design (for companies)

This is a reference page for Lüttje Lage bibs. Please contact us, if you'd like to have your Lüttje Lage bibs in your own design.

It is available (unfortunately only on display this way  ;-)  )
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Lüttje Lage Bibs - the undisputed classic

We could now say: you mustn't forget to include it.

However, if you follow our Lüttje Lage Tutorial to the letter, you will never again need a bib, promise !
The tutorial has been translated into many languages, so no excuse accepted  ;-)

Lüttje Lage bibs can also be produced individually according to your specifications. However, it requires a larger amount of bibs for cost-effective manufacture. (We recommend 1,000 pcs as a cost-efficient minimum size).

Why not combine this with a Lüttje Lage event where the traditional Bruchmeisters of Hannover show your guests how to drink the Hannover national drink.


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Apart from that: just put it over your head and push your luck !


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Product Note Status Price
Luettje Lage Beginners Set Luettje Lage Beginners Set
19.90 € *
Delivery weight: 1.7 kg
Luettje Lage Couple's Set Luettje Lage Couple's Set
24.90 € *
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg
Luettje Lage Present Box Luettje Lage Present Box
38.90 € *
Delivery weight: 4.8 kg
Lüttje Lagen Six-Pack Lüttje Lagen Six-Pack
74.90 € *
Delivery weight: 11 kg
Lüttje Lage Crate of 12 Lüttje Lage Crate of 12
94.90 € *
Delivery weight: 18.6 kg
Lüttje Lage half-a-meter tray (incl. Glass-Sets) Lüttje Lage half-a-meter tray (incl. Glass-Sets)
54.90 € *
Delivery weight: 10 kg
Lüttje Lage Metertray (incl. Glass-Sets) Lüttje Lage Metertray (incl. Glass-Sets)
95.90 € *
Delivery weight: 10 kg
Homesick to Hannover Box Homesick to Hannover Box
26.90 € *
Delivery weight: 2.5 kg
Typical Hanover Box Typical Hanover Box
39.90 € *
Delivery weight: 4.8 kg
Full Whag Hanover Full Whag Hanover
48.90 € * Notify on availability
Delivery weight: 4.8 kg
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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