Hannover Gin British Connection 0,7 l

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1 l = 64.27 €

Hannover Gin - British Connection 

  • 1 Bottle British Connection Gin, 42% vol. alc., 0,7 L

Gin-MASTERS-Silver-2019Botanicals from all over Britain, picked by friends of HANNOVER GIN, combined with plants from Europe's largest city forest and the gardens and landscapes of the Hannover Region. With the botanical family knowledge of two generations, ingeniously combined with ingredients from the end of the world and carefully prepared in small batches by hand in the copper distillery in Hannover.

Brexit or not - ordinary people from the United Kingdom, from southern England to Scotland, have put kitchen herbs, which they have picked in their front gardens, for example, into an envelope and sent it to Hannover. Many of them even take a photo of how they set out to search and harvest wild herbs for us in the open countryside and on the beaches of Britain.

From this, Hannover-Gin, together with hand-picked herbs from Hannover and other ingredients from around the world, make this HANNOVER GIN a true BRITISH CONNECTION.


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