Luettje Lage Sets

Luettje Lage Sets


Lüttje Lagen Sets complete with beer, schnapps, Lüttje Lage glasses and instructions on how to drink Lüttje Lage.

The Hanover Cult Drink, a combination of beer and schnapps is available here in appealing Sets: Beginnerset, Couple's Set for two and the top-selling Giftset all Sets come in a nice giftbox.

With the Luettje Lage SixPack you choose the ideal pack for your forthcoming beach- or gardenparty. The Luettje Lage Crate is your choice for a chummy and convivial Luettje Lage evening with lots of friends or the typical Luettje Lage cultparty. 

The sets are equipped with the traditional thickwalled beerglasses that will withstand the dishwasher. If you require more Luettje Lage Glasses than of those already included, just add more sets from the products section of the Navigation above.

You have the choice!

All Sets are optionally available with either Herrenhäuser Lüttje Lagen Beer, Gilde Lüttje Lagen Beer or Hanöversch Lüttje Lage Beer. Choose your Set and then select your favourite Lüttje Lage Beer. You already know, what beer you want, then click on the link below and see only sets with your favourite beer.

NEW at  3 Shades of Lüttje Lage - the Lüttje Lage Tasingset combines all of the top three Beers in one Box. Discover how diverse Lüttje Lage can taste. No matter whether you are already a Lüttje Lage fan, want to discover the tradition of hannover cult drink or just need an amazing gift, you certainly have come to the right place.

  1. Only show me Sets with Lüttje Lage beer by:  Gilde Herrenhäuser  -  Hanöversch 

    **Every set with Lüttje Lage Beer of your choice: click on the product-picture and choose your favourite beer **

    ** Due to a shortage of carbonic acid, the Herrenhäuser Brewery is currently not brewing Lüttje Lage beer. Ordered Herrenhäuser sets will be delivered with Gilde . **

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Luettje Lage Beginners Set

Lüttje Lagen Beginners Set: practice your skills in secret! Includes everything Luettje Lagen Beer of your choice, Glasses and Schnapps. Lüttje Lage Beginners Set

19.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 1.7 kg

Luettje Lage Couple's Set

Luettje Lage Starter-Set for Two - ideal small gift for any occasion or drink yourself. Lüttje Lage Couple's Set. Lüttje Lage for two.

24.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 1.9 kg

Luettje Lage Present Box

Lüttje Lage Present Box with 4 Glass-Sets, Beer & Schnapps. For the party fun at home and the perfect gift! Your Lüttje Lage Present Box available here now!

34.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 4.8 kg

3 Shades of Lüttje Lage

"3 Shades of Lüttje Lage " the ultimate Lüttje LageTasting Box with the 3 Lüttje Lage Beers incl. Glasses and Schnapps. Only at !

36.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 4.9 kg

Lüttje Lagen Six-Pack

Lüttje Lage SixPack conveniently in a cooling bucket with 9 Glasssets for the outdoor BBQ, Gardenparty or the beach. Now Reduced & delivered quickly

74.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 11 kg

Lüttje Lage Crate of 12

Lüttje Lage Crate with Beer, Schnapps and 12 Glassets, Ideal for the  upcoming party with friends. Choose i.e. Gilde Beer with your Lüttje Lage Crate.

94.90 *
in stock
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 18.6 kg


Schützenfest-Festival-Box with Lüttje Lage, glasses and schnapps, roasted almonds and small gingerbread heart! Only at

29.90 *
Delivery weight: 2.9 kg

Lüttje Lage Chocolate

Luettje Lage Chocolate made with Beer and Schnapps. This unique Hanover Chocolate is really scrumptious and now in 110 g extra large.

8.40 *
1000 g = 76.36 €
Delivery weight: 150 g

New Individual Sleeve Design

Sleeve design according to your requirements. Your individual Lüttje Lage set available for the first set. Sleeve design new at

Unfortunately, due to a printer error, we are currently unable to offer individual band stickers. Larger quantities of banderoles (e.g. for company-orders) are still available (via external service providers).

1.00 *
Delivery weight: 25 g
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