Lüttje Lage Refill "3 Shades of Lüttje Lage"

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3 Shades of Lüttje Lage - the ultimate Tasting Set

The new Lüttje Lage Tasting Box - the perfect Gift 2017 ! Three of the Hanover Luettje Lage Beers combined in a Set together with Schnapps.

The Tasting Set contains:

  • 1 Bottle Gilde Lüttje Lagen Beer, 2,8% vol. alc. (ea 0,5 l),
  • 1 Bottle Hanöversch Lüttje Lagen Beer, 2,8% vol. alc. (ea 0,5 l),
  • 1 Bottle Herrenhäuser Lüttje Lagen Beer, 3,8% vol. alc. (ea 0,5 l),
  • 3 Bottles Schnapps (wheat liquor) / Shot, 32% alc (0,1 l)

For 3 x 10 Luettje Lagen (observe the measuring line)


Only at LuettjeLage.com:

Discover how different a Luettje Lage Beer can taste. Whether you’re a Luettje Lage buff, new and curious, or looking to buy a gift, here is the set for you. All of the 3 Hanover Luettje Lage Beers in one stylish box. We have put together the three hanoverian Luettje Lage Beers in a Luettje Lage Tasting Box ready to be intensivly sampled.

3 shades of Lüttje Lage is not only a beautiful name.

Discover the different Lüttje Lage Beers of Hanover: Herrenhäuser with 3,8% vol. alc, Hanöversch Lüttje Lage by Brauhaus Ernst-August and Gilde with approx 3% vol. alc, not only alcohol levels differ, they are also different in colour and of course taste.


  • Gilde Lüttje Lage Beer - best before: Gilde Lüttje Lage Beer "best before" date
  • Hanöversch Lüttje Lage Beer - best before: Hanöversch Lüttje Lage Beer "best before" date
  • Herrenhäuser Lüttje Lage Beer - best before: Herrenhäuser Lüttje Lage Beer "best before" date


Please be advised that it is prohibited by german law to purchase Alcohol under the legal age of 18. (if applicable, please also consider the legal age to buy alcohol in your country).


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